Another pipe dream?

I feel very inspired yet again to continue my crafting.  I am sure this is because my maternity leave is right around the corner.  I am not sure how I think I am going to have the time do any more than I can now working 40 hours a week…but I feel somewhat up for the challenge.  I think I am going to be painting more too.  I need to do that. 

This will be my new goal in addition to starting a running program once my body has bounced back (figuratively) from giving birth. 


One more push…

How many times has someone said this (?), maybe not verbatim, but said it nonetheless—I am popping my proverbial blog cherry. 

I am tired and now in my 37th week of el preggos.  About to pop at any minute.  I keep thinking that it is going to happen early, and I have read places that most first time mothers think that way, so I am unsure of whether or not I am psyching myself out.   Regardless, he is still on his way soon so that has me in the throes of anxiety.  

By the way, I do not plan to post thousands of pictures of my child once he is born despite how proud I may be and how perfectly awesome he is sure to be.   I do not really feel that this is the proper forum (this being the almighty Internet) to display pictures willy nilly of my home life.   I like perverts, just not pedaphilic perverts.

Having said that, I don’t plan to be afraid of honesty.  This is really a catharsis for me.  I need a new journal…but a different kind.   “I want a new drug…”

Also, I have used “do not” and “don’t” too much in this very short entry.  I think I should talk about the things I want to do.  The future needs to be a time for doing…and I am going to try and work on that.