One more push…

How many times has someone said this (?), maybe not verbatim, but said it nonetheless—I am popping my proverbial blog cherry. 

I am tired and now in my 37th week of el preggos.  About to pop at any minute.  I keep thinking that it is going to happen early, and I have read places that most first time mothers think that way, so I am unsure of whether or not I am psyching myself out.   Regardless, he is still on his way soon so that has me in the throes of anxiety.  

By the way, I do not plan to post thousands of pictures of my child once he is born despite how proud I may be and how perfectly awesome he is sure to be.   I do not really feel that this is the proper forum (this being the almighty Internet) to display pictures willy nilly of my home life.   I like perverts, just not pedaphilic perverts.

Having said that, I don’t plan to be afraid of honesty.  This is really a catharsis for me.  I need a new journal…but a different kind.   “I want a new drug…”

Also, I have used “do not” and “don’t” too much in this very short entry.  I think I should talk about the things I want to do.  The future needs to be a time for doing…and I am going to try and work on that.


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