This is not about Matt Lauer.

Completely unrelated to what I want to write about…why the shit is Matt Lauer the top rated search on Yahoo! today?  Do people still care about Matt Lauer?  What is his appeal?  I don’t get it. 


Anyway, I have had this incredibly nagging anxious feeling the past couple of days, and I cannot seem to shake it.  It is a foreshadowing.  I only ever feel this way when something is about to happen.  It comes with a blunt force, messes with my eating habits, causes things to get a little less than solid…you know, on the way out, and ummm…just generally makes me feel unsettled. 

I’m wholeheartedly uncertain if this “something” is going to happen today, tomorrow, next week; I am also uncertain whether it will be happy, helpful, devastating or basically disruptive.  

It’s also come to the point where I don’t even know if I am feeling it anymore.  I find myself being doubtful of the feeling’s authenticity.  Is it real?  Am I exaserbating it by thinking about it constantly?  Am I thinking about it constantly because it is going to happen soon?  Am I being a spaz?  

And, you know, I wrote this in hopes to maybe feel some sort of catharsis, but now my skin is tingling under my wrists and my fingers are going numb.  This is not working.  The levee must break soon, thank you very much.