I Drew A Picture of My Food – “Tuna” Noodle Casserole


Full recipe view

tuna 2.jpg

Instructions close up.

Spent a little longer drawing and coloring this one (colored pencil, Sharpie, ballpoint pen, on Moleskine sketchpad). I thought it would be rad to take a more comic book approach to the illustrated recipes I’ve been doing.

Classic recipes with a twist. Gotta love that comfort food. It’s also way easier to get my kid to eat when I make stuff like this. I have recently made the transition to almost entirely plant based, so this one is vegan AND gluten free to accommodate some of the most fickle guts. (Expect vegan and gluten free stuff going forward.) Yeehaw! I’m hoping the measurements are ok. I apologize if some of them are off at all. That is something about my own recipes I need to get in the habit of doing, ya know, measuring. I cook very intuitively, but if I want to share those recipes with people, I am going to have to get more precise. Workin’ on that. Enjoy!


I Drew A Picture of My Food #2

I made this cauliflower a couple nights ago. It’s a variation of recipe for chicken wings I saw on the FitMenCook YouTube channel (this is a great great channel you should check out, by the way). A lot of people seemed intrigued by it, so here ya have it, folks!


Full page on Bristol board this time. Hand drawn with pencil, fine tip Sharpie, and colored pencils.


Detail of food


Ingredients, a must.


Recipe detail.

Any questions, feel free to comment! I’ll just be over here crying over the new Ryan Adams song and Lil Bub video that came out today. PEACE.

I Drew A Picture of My Food #1

Last night I made some pretty simple, pretty bangin’ crustless quiche. I had a half bunch of asparagus I really needed to use before it started the great slime. My favorite vegetable really does not age gracefully. Instead of your standard “here’s a picture of my food” I thought: I should draw a recipe. My brain is busy and glittery. I can’t help myself.

Ever heard of the Moosewood cookbook? I love that thing. My friend Betheny bought me a copy many moons ago and I’ve always thought how rad would it be to draw a cookbook.


My copy.


Exhibit A


Exhibit B

AND, here is my version of a hand drawn recipe. I drew it in the antique ledger that I had been journaling in for a bit because I just thought it looked cooler.



The recipe itself was pretty straight forward. Gluten free, obviously, to accommodate my fickle guts. Also, vegetarian, but certainly not vegan. I used a feta, cheddar, parmesan cheese blend because that’s just what I had. I’m sure you could sub any veggies you have on hand. The parmesan crisps topping was from a bag I got to put on salads the last time I was at Kroger. Also, measurements are pretty loose. I cook very intuitively.

It was fun to experiment. I may stick to a more pen and ink approach next time, but I do enjoy adding the pops of color. Maybe I’ll dedicate a new sketch pad to it in the future. What do you think? Fun idea?



tats and chik’n. chik’n and tats.

Thinking about tattoo designs…

I have a sketch for my new tattoo on my upper arm that I drew up a couple days ago, but I don’t know if I like it or not.  Currently, I have a halloween scene and have some up-in-the-air plans to start a half sleeve, so I was brainstorming ways to sort of set this off so everything was not related to tombstones and bats.  I came up with the concept of framing it.   The drawing is an oval Victorian-esque frame.  I haven’t colored it yet.  And I hope it isn’t too big.  I would totally scan it right now, but my scanner is down because it hates me.  It told me so.

Unrelated to tattoos, last night’s vegan dinner was quite the cop out, given that I had like a half an hour to prepare it before the kid needed his bath and oatmeal.  I had some Morningstar Farms Grilled Chik’n Patties in the freezer and figured I could whip something up quick mommy style (like Big Willy style, just much less jiggy) for my husband and myself using these prepackaged delights.  I slapped them on the griddle with some spray olive oil, cajun spices, and cracked black pepper.  Then I sauteed some leftover red onion, garlic, and spinach into a separate skillet (I even added a dab of brown sugar to the mix).  I then assembled the sandwiches with the spinach mix on some whole wheat buns.  I had mine with some organic raspberry mustard I nabbed a while back, but my hubby Joe  thinks mustard is gross (blasphemy) so he went without.  Even though it wasn’t exactly whole food, it was pretty good.  and fast.  And when you have a little baby screaming because he is behind on his routine, it will definitely do.  Better than McDonalds.